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Cooking is an act of love. For us, it could not be otherwise.
It is a daily opportunity to express affection and care for ourselves and for those we love.

Cooking is an expression of ethical and moral responsibility.
It brings awareness to the quality of the food we eat, the well-being of the mind, the health of the body, the use of precious environmental resources, and the respect for all the living beings that inhabit the Earth.

Cooking is care, patience and experimentation.
The strength of our recipes lies in the quality of the ingredients used, in the simplicity with which they are prepared and in the fact that they accompany those who taste them to rediscover the genuine flavour of each food, that is, enhanced, not distorted.
Our recipes are also gluten-free, plant-based and low in sugar and fat. They are the result of research, testing and honest evaluation.

Cooking is inspiration and creativity.
Our dishes highlight atmospheres, colours, feelings and many other aspects related to cinematographic, artistic and musical references; they are personal interpretations that we hope will be appreciated.

Cooking is about being together and being happy because of it.
It is the combination of different sensitivities and skills to create a harmonious balance, not only of flavours but, above all, of souls.

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Space Bruschettas. Vegan & Gluten free

Space Bruschettas are so good that they could even divert Darth Vader’s attention from his plans to conquer while driving the Star Destroyer.


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