Markus Schinwald, Lavinia, 2007, oil on canvas, 37x46 cm, property of the artist

Figurative arts

Figurative arts: those arts that refer to ‘figures’, or the essential presence of a concrete form developing in space. These are mainly painting, sculpture and architecture. But the real problem is to define what art is. What is actually art?

Art is know-how.
There is no art without a technique. Art is inseparable from the skill of its creator, as well as the moral and spiritual advantage of the result produced. It stems from nature, but it cannot ignore those formal references that guarantee its universality and constrain the relative nature of judgement.

Art is knowledge.
There is no art without culture. Art has a vocation for questioning reality and presents itself as a means of probing deep into the mystery of life. It has an open dialogue with its own time, interpreting it, but it is projected towards new horizons by a visionary impulse.

Art is experience.
There is no art without aesthetics, understood in its original meaning of ‘feeling’, or rather, perceiving by means of the senses. In order to be authentic, art must refer to experiences of an aesthetic nature, which are based on sensory perception, but which develop as a reflection on significant events, packed with emotions.

Art is connection.
There is no art without unity. Art is opposed to rigid dualisms and oppositions, it connects the meanings of everything that happens and surrounds us. It is first and foremost an individual expression, but it is also a tool for interaction, a language that turns into communication and sharing.

Art is responsibility.
There is no art without responsibility. Art has a strong social and educational component. That is why it is essential to start from the ‘everyday’: to discover the aesthetic qualities that are inherent to it, to produce real usability, and a new sensitivity in human behaviour and relationships.

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