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Our Netiquette is a set of rules that have to be complied with in order to ensure valuable chats and harmonious interaction among the users of the blog and the social media associated to the blog. Therefore, comments are monitored on an ongoing basis.

We are open to diversity of opinion. Your feedback – comments, questions, suggestions, and the like – is of paramount importance to us. We will respond as soon as possible.

You are kindly asked to respect the thoughts and opinions shared by the rest of the users so as not to offend any sensitivities. Remember that when you leave a comment, you accept any criminal and penal liabilities that may arise from it.

Where links from other websites, pages, etc., are used, Digitalis Purpurea® shall not be held liable for the contents in such links or the safety to navigate them.

The copyright to all the pictures and videos contained in this blog belongs to their relevant authors/agencies/publishers, except for cases where the contrary is explicitly stated. However, if pictures/videos are published in breach of specific copyrights, please inform of this via our Contact us section so that we can remove them.

Any breach to the Netiquette rules will be assessed by the owner of the blog and the social media associated to the blog, and based on the severity of the breach, the owner will take appropriate measures (warning, permanent ban, etc.). We reserve the right to remove content that does not comply with the rules listed here and to close comments to the posts, if deemed necessary.

We welcome:

  • People who help one another through comments, questions, suggestions, and the like, that foster value;
  • Proactive users, to enhance the quality of the relationships in the blog and related social media;
  • People who, before posting a comment, question, suggestion or the like, stop and think, and thoroughly check that what they are going to share is exactly what they want to express. Even the tiniest error can distort the meaning of the message, leading to unpleasant consequences to everyone;
  • It is sometimes difficult to transmit jokes, gags, dark humour and sarcasm in Internet. Therefore, you are kindly asked to mention the humorous/playful intention of your comment always in order to avoid any misinterpretations;
  • Well-organised request for information and clarifications;
  • Constructive criticism, well-intended, expressed with respect and politely.

We do not welcome:

  • People who insult;
  • People who share information, pictures, personal data, and the like that are strictly confidential and of different kinds, that belong to them or to others. If the second case occurs, they can be accused of doxing, cyber-bullying, or cyber-harassment;
  • Users that share links in order to gain visibility or for advertising purposes;
  • Off-topic comments;
  • Spam messages;
  • Impolite, arrogant, aggressive, menacing tones in the chats;
  • Comments in capital letters since, in the web, this is equivalent to be yelling;
  • Comments, questions, suggestions and the like that use offensive, defamatory, profane, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, sexist, racist, violent or hate-instigated language;
  • Pornography or child pornography content, comments, links, etc.;
  • Comments for political purposes;
  • Comment that go against third parties rights, of any nature whatsoever (privacy, copyright, etc.).

Our Netiquette will be timely updated whenever we deem it necessary. You are invited to consult it regularly.

Thanks for having taken time to read all this section. Enjoy your visit to our site!

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