About us

Digitalis Purpurea® is a vital, suspended space, to immerse yourself in to meditate and take a slow breath.

The idea that gave birth to this project in 2021 came from the minds of Gionata and Silvia Moretti, who are passionate about art, cinema, music, cuisine and much more. It is a registered trademark activity.

The name chosen for this blog was inspired by the well-known herbaceous plant. Everyone gets enchanted and, at the same time, disturbed by the large purple flowers of this plant.

Countless thoughts arise from observing this plant. The inside surface of the flower tube is heavily sprinkled with irregular spots. You feel as if in front of a changing creature, almost alien, which brings with it a subtle sensation of illness and deterioration. A sort of ‘contamination’ is perceived, which, however, is not taken as a negative feature, but rather translates the very idea of the project: ‘contaminated’ art, a fulcrum of apparently separate cultural spheres, but that are actually connected to each other. Each subject, analysed with an innovative approach, gives rise to a network of relationships, mostly hidden and unexpected. Graphically speaking, this is revealed through patterns, with their distinctive floral shape, which spread and ‘contaminate’ the surrounding cultural space.

It is also worth remembering that the compounds extracted from the leaves of this plant are beneficial for the heart. However, they are potentially deadly if not in the right dose. This innovative way of thinking, based on a process of identifying connections and relations, can therefore be an antidote against a sectoral and stereotypical view of reality.

We hope you feel welcome in this space. We hope that you are ready to embark with us on an exciting journey.

“All things are linked with one another, and this oneness is sacred; there is nothing that is not interconnected with everything else. For things are interdependent, and they combine to form this universal order”.

The team

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